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25 Tips for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

After the ham is served and the presents are opened, there comes a time for all of this merriness to come down. Alas, putting away your holiday decorations is nowhere near as fun putting them up, but it doesn’t have to be as disorganized and scattered as it was last year. Look to these tips for organization tips that will help you store you holiday decorations with ease. After all, storing them properly makes it easier to find them when next December rolls around.

Tips on How to Pack Christmas Ornaments

    1. Take down all of your ornaments at once. Instead of taking down ornaments and packing them one by one, take them all down at once and lay them on a table or on the couch. Make sure small children aren’t nearby where they can ruin decorations or worse, swallow small parts.

    2. Wrap ornaments. Each ornament should be wrapped in tissue paper or newspaper to keep it in perfect condition.

    3. Place light ornaments on bottom. Start a layer in the box with the lightweight ornaments first. On top of these add the heavier ornaments and end with your most fragile ornaments.

    4. Be careful with fragile ornaments.Very old or fragile ornaments like ceramic or porcelain pieces should be wrapped and packed tightly in smaller boxes. Mark the boxes fragile, so family members will be careful if they come across them when searching for other decorations or items in the garage or attic.

    5. Group like ornaments together. Sets of ornaments should be stored together. This way if you decide to deck the tree out in wooden apples, they’re all together versus digging through all of your boxes to find the dozen.

    6. Remove the hooks. If you have your kids help with removing ornaments, be sure they remove the hooks before wrapping and storing them.

    7. Reuse your hooks. There’s no reason for hooks to get lost. Keep them in a small plastic container and place them in the last box of ornaments you pack away so they’re accessible for the following year.

    8. Store ball ornaments loosely. With cheap ball-style ornaments, you don’t have to be quite as careful, so feel free to store these in a long plastic tube or place them in a flat box meant to be stored under the bed.

    9. Divide special ornaments from ordinary ornaments. This allows you to put all of your favorite ornaments up before throwing on the filler ornaments.

More Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Packing away decorations can be made easier when you have an idea of what the heck to do with all of the stuff. Instead of getting overwhelmed, follow these simple tips for storing holiday decorations.

    10. Store like items together. We don’t mean items that are alike (such as all snowflakes or all snowmen), but items you normally display together. If you usually put the nativity scene and snow globes on a certain table, pack away those items together.

    11. Wrap all items. Ideally, you should wrap each decoration in tissue paper or newspaper. If you can’t do that, ensure you wrap glass or any fragile items with layers of paper to prevent them from breaking.

    12. Use plastic boxes that stack. Stacked boxes make it easier to store away items. In some cases, the plastic boxes click together, locking the boxes to one another. This makes it easier to bring in or take out a few at a time.

    13. Access what can go. Before you put your items away, access what you didn’t put on display this year and why. It’s time to cut the fat in order to avoid eating up space with your storage boxes wherever they sit the majority of the year.

    14. Use the same boxes. For holiday decorations, use a certain type of box or a designated color. If you already own boxes that match up with other storage items, wrap a red ribbon or label the box with what’s inside.

    15. Decide how specific you want to get with labels. Figure out what works for you. You can simply tag the box “Christmas decorations” or get more specific such as “DIY ornaments” or “Christmas decorations for living room coffee table”.

    16. Don’t overstuff boxes. You don’t want your items to get squashed should the boxes be shuffled around (it’s for this reason, we love those interlocking boxes). Don’t overstuff decorations in a box. Instead, figure out how much comfortably fits in each box before packing it to the brim.

    17. Never put fragile items at the top or bottom. Never store fragile decorations as the top or bottom layer of a box. Placing a layer of items above and below allows for padding for your breakable pieces.

    18. Snag extra hooks and ribbons during sales. If you ran short on hooks or ribbons to hang decorations or ornaments, grab extras during post-holiday sales and put them away with decorations so they’re a breeze to find next year.

    19. Have a box of go-to decorations. You never know what the following year may bring. Have a go-to box holiday decorations that make your home festive without pulling out every decoration you’ve acquired over the years.

    20. Wind Christmas lights. Take your decorative lights and wind them around your hand or a broken down box. Then place the lights (coiled) in a box and leave them alone. Avoid packing too many together, which can tangle if the boxes get shaken up.

    21. Keep sentimental decorations together. Items that were made by your kids in their youth or ornaments from your own childhood should be stored in smaller boxes and kept indoors. Instead of jumbling them with them with the big plastic boxes, keep this small box in your hall closet or bedroom closet where the items will be safe.

    22. Organizing holiday decorations doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If plastic boxes are too much of an investment for you after all of your holiday spending, swing by your local grocery or big box store and ask for leftover large boxes. Most are happy to help.

    23. Place small items in smaller boxes. You can put all of the small boxes in a big box, but help protect (and make it easier to find) your small decorations by putting them in shoe boxes. This allows the items to stay in a confined area versus rolling about a big box.

    24. Wrap your wreath in a plastic bag. This prevents it from becoming crazily dusty after sitting in the garage or attic for a year.

    25. Wipe down outdoor decorations. Give outdoor decorations a quick wipe down with a wet rag to get them in tip-top condition when they’re pulled out next year .

Storing holiday decorations doesn’t have to be a drag. Have a plan and go in when you have the time to devote to putting decorations away carefully. There’s nothing worse than being in a mood and ending up with a box full of mangled decorations when you’re trying to feel cheery the next holiday season.