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Salary Information for Organizational Management

Are you interested in a degree in organization management? In this field, you’ll work in a traditional business environment in many respects, but with slightly different goals. Most organizations focus on community outreach, fundraising for a cause, education, raising awareness, or another type of goal. You can still earn a pretty high salary in this type of field, especially since many organizations get government funding. Let’s take a look at just how much you can expect to earn if you have a degree in organizational management.

Base Salary for Organizational Managers

According to Indeed, the average salary for all organization managers is around $110,000 annually. This rate depends on a number of factors, however. Some of the things that could effect how much you earn in the organizational management field include location, type of employer, size of employer, educational level, and experience. The type of organizational manager you become also plays a role. Obviously, you’re going to make more money as a chief executive officer (CEO) than you will as lower-level manager. You’ll earn more as you work your way up the ranks.

Salary by Education

In the organizational management field, you can pursue either a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees take about four years to complete, while earning a master’s degree takes an additional year or two, depending on the program you pursue. If you have a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, you can expect to make around $44,000 as an starting salary, on average. With a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, however, you’ll make an average starting salary of more like $52,000 annually – a jump of about $8,000. In both cases, you’ll continue to make more money as you gain experience in this field.


In addition to your normal salary, you’ll make money every year through annual bonuses, sometimes several thousand dollars. For example, a vice president with a master’s degree in organizational management can make up to $30,000 in annual businesses. Depending on your job, your bonuses can start at $1000, with higher bonuses awarded to those who are in top-level positions in the organization or who are responsible for meeting specific organization goals, like securing large government grants or meeting other important goals.

Guide to Organizational Management Schools

Ashford University – Graduates of the bachelor's program in Organization Management are competitive for careers in business, management, non-profit organizations, and government. The master's teaches advanced skills in organizational change, marketing, decision-making, strategic thinking, and innovation.
Spring Arbor University – The BS in Organizational Management degree program from Spring Harbor University provides students an opportunity to study management, human dynamics, and organizational development for business and public administration. The curriculum uses a systems approach to the problems, principles, and practices of management. Courses examine both conceptual and theoretical knowledge. Graduates work in retail, healthcare, and a variety of other fields.
Lewis University – Lewis University offers a master's in Organizational Leadership (Management concentration), which is designed for those who wish to enter positions of leadership within their field. Courses focus on employee-based leadership, examining topics that are flexible across numerous career paths. The graduate will have a firm grasp on how to use people-based management tools and strategies of organizational management.

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