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What Careers are Available with an Organizational Management Degree?

With a degree in organizational management, you’ll be prepared for a career in the business world, working with non-profits, religious groups, and other organizations. Your degree will prepare you for a number of different types of jobs in this field, so let’s take a look at some of your options.

Types of Organizational Management Jobs

Organizations aren’t much different from other types of companies at their core. So, many of the careers available in this field are the same you’d find in the general business world. These include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Vice President/Department Head
  • Project Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Director
  • Training Manager
  • Branch Manager

In addition, most organizations have fundraising departments, so your degree will prepare you for handling this unique way of making money. Some fundraising teams work in combination with finance and accounting teams, while at larger organizations, this department might be separate, working instead in conjunction with all of the other managers and workers in the organization.

Your Daily Tasks

The work you’ll do in organization management is not much different than the work you’d do in a typical business. Your main job is to keep the organization moving forward to reach its goals by playing a specific role within your department. Organization management team members can work on everything from advertising and marketing to public relations to operations. No matter what your specific job, you’ll be required to have strong leadership skills so you can work with your team to get stuff done. Most organizational managers also work on collaboration with other managers, so teamwork is important as well.

Where to Work

Organizations are found around the world, some with very few employees and others with thousands of employees. You’ll generally find more opportunities in larger cities, but you can also find organizations in more rural areas, depending on your focus. Your degree also makes it possible for you to work with government organizations, religious and educational institutes, hospitals and other medical care facilities, and more. Some college programs even allow you to specialize, so you’re able to take classes specific to the type of career you want to pursue after you graduate.

Guide to Organizational Management Schools

Ashford University – Graduates of the bachelor's program in Organization Management are competitive for careers in business, management, non-profit organizations, and government. The master's teaches advanced skills in organizational change, marketing, decision-making, strategic thinking, and innovation.
Spring Arbor University – The BS in Organizational Management degree program from Spring Harbor University provides students an opportunity to study management, human dynamics, and organizational development for business and public administration. The curriculum uses a systems approach to the problems, principles, and practices of management. Courses examine both conceptual and theoretical knowledge. Graduates work in retail, healthcare, and a variety of other fields.
Lewis University – Lewis University offers a master's in Organizational Leadership (Management concentration), which is designed for those who wish to enter positions of leadership within their field. Courses focus on employee-based leadership, examining topics that are flexible across numerous career paths. The graduate will have a firm grasp on how to use people-based management tools and strategies of organizational management.

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